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Our Youth Mentoring program involves three key elements: Weekly Hang Outs, Daily Catch-Up Time, and Weekly Parent Reports. By working together in an intentional, accountable way, we’ll build a roadmap that will help get your son or daughter back on track and headed in the right direction. 


These weekly Hang Outs are the cornerstone of our program. Even though technology has evolved in recent years, nothing beats face-to-face interaction. Your son or daughter and the mentor meet once a week to discuss goals, struggles, progress, failures, and victories. We will hope for the future and plan for the present. The style and location of these can vary greatly! 


Daily accountability is absolutely essential to the success of this process. After all, today is all that truly matters; yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Our lives are entirely a reflection of what we do today. That’s why the mentor will be calling or texting with your son or daughter each day to make sure that they are staying on track and following through with their commitments. 


We do a lot to help your son or daughter through this process, but we know that we could never, nor would we want to, replace your role as parent. That’s why we follow up with you each week to update you, see how things are going at home and check on the progress you’re experiencing. We will also work together with your family therapist on a regular basis to see how we can supplement that process. 

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