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Our goal is to help parents match the unique characteristics and issues of their son or daughter with the best school or program.  Our expertise extends to hundreds of schools, programs and services all over the world.  We regularly travel to tour in person, we attend professional conferences, and we collaborate with other consultants on a daily basis so that we can provide our clients with current, relevant information on which options are providing the best services to match their needs.  Finding the right option is just the beginning of our services.  We then support you through the admission and enrollment process, and we stay with you throughout the placement to offer coaching and support, and to advocate for you when necessary.  We receive no commissions or referral fees from any school or program to which we refer.


We take a unique approach to the process of convincing your adolescent or young adult to enter into treatment, and we have a track record of success.  If needed, we can work with you as interventionists to persuade your son or daughter to get help and enter a program.

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